Panther Beer Selection Pack

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3 x 500ml Panther Beer Selection Pack

Choose  any 3 Panther Beers from the following:

Beast from the East:  This strong bitter is an amber IPA which uses high level of New Zealand hops to give it a strong fruity punch. Tasting Notes: Amber IPA with a strong fruity punch. Tropical and citrus notes on the nose.  ABV: 5.5%

Golden Panther:  Award winning golden ale is well rounded and refreshing with a fresh and aromatic hop kick! Using American hops our Golden Panther has a citrus flavour and floral aroma. A hoppy and refreshing golden ale to be enjoyed all year round. Tasting notes: Hand brewed in Reepham, this golden ale has a citrus flavour and a floral aroma. A light and refreshing ale with bite. ABV: 3.7%

Honey: Award winning honey ale is a light and refreshing golden ale with a bite of honey. Carefully balanced this ale has a full body with a floral honey aroma and real honey flavour. – balanced with real honey!  Tasting Notes: A beautiful golden ale with a sweet honey and floral aroma delicately balanced with German hops for a refreshing finish. ABV: 4.0%

Ginger :Award winning ginger wheat beer with a fresh and flavoursome ginger kick! Brewed with loads of fresh ginger, lemongrass and some chilli it’s a delight for the palate and a great accompaniment to any Thai curry!  Tasting notes: Hand brewed in Reepham, this ginger wheat beer is fiery with a distinct ginger flavour and with subtle lemon flavour notes. It contains all the ingredients of a Thai curry whilst remaining a beer with bite  ABV: 3.7%Catawall : New England IPA    Tasting Notes: Slightly hazy hop forward straw coloured ale / strong fruity aroma and flavour with hints of pineapple, citrus and stone fruits. Tropical fruits like Guava and mango.  ABV: 4.4%

Jubilee :   A refreshing and distinctive pale ale, 3.9%ABV was created to mark the 70th anniversary of the  reign of Queen Elizabeth ll. Panther selected a range of juicy hops from around the world, including Commonwealth countries, such as Moteuka from New Zealand.   Continue to support local farmers and have used locally grown barley and wheat that has been malted 20 mins away from the brewery by the Crisp Malting Group at Great Ryburgh

Pink :  This Belgian style fruit beer has a full body and a bitter sweet fruity finish. With sweet and sour notes combined with a smooth wheat base this is a smooth and refreshing drink, ideal to be served chilled in the summer months.  Style: Wheat beer Tasting notes: Hand brewed in Reepham, this Pink ale has a range of fruit flavours and aroma. This wheat beer is refreshingly balanced with a bittersweet fruity finish. Refreshingly fruity ale with bite. ABV: 4.0%

Red : Award winning red ale is deliciously clean and toasty with nutty caramel undertones, rounded with a crisp hoppy finish. Packed with flavour, Red Panther exemplifies the bite to expect from us at Panther Brewery, showing  Panther don’t do things by halves (unless you use  by a small glass!).Style: Bitter / Best Bitter   Tasting notes: Hand brewed in Reepham, this intense red ale has a roasted nutty flavour and is deliciously clean and toasty. Distinctively sleek ale with bite.  ABV: 4.1%

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Beer 1

Beast from the East, Catawall, Pink, Red, Ginger, Golden, Honey, Jubilee

Beer 2

Beast from the East, Catawall, Pink, Red, Ginger, Golden, Honey, Jubilee

Beer 3

Beast from the East, Catawall, Pink, Red, Ginger, Golden, Honey, Jubilee


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