Panther Beer Gift


Panther Gift Set

Another great Norfolk Gift idea, a panther indulgence, Two great tasting Beers from this Norfolk Brewery.

Accompanying these beers are some sweet and savoury treats to enjoy, with a bar of Fudge Crunch from the Norfolk Chocolatier Gnaw!.

Don’t Delay this is the last one !

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Panther Beer Gift

Hamper Gifts include:

Panther Beer an awarding winning mircobrewery based in North Norfolk,  Panther is a slow pouring beer

500ml Panther Golden Pale Ale: ALC. 3.7% VOL, Light & refreshing with American hops for a citrus hit following a gentle floral aroma.

500ml Panther Beast of the East, Amber IPA: ALC 5.5% VOL, A strong fruity punch from an intense hit of New Zealand hops with a solid malt background.

Mr Filberts Salt Crusted Nuts

Mr. Filberts Dry Roasted Peanuts

100gm Gnaw Handcrafted Chocolate Fudge Crunch: with crunchy shortcake biscuits and honeycomb

50gm Rum & Raisin Fudge, Luxury rum flavoured creamy fudge filled with raisins



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