Panther Beer and Glass Gift


Panther Beer and Glass Gift

Support the environment with sowing wildflower seeds for the bees, and to keeps this gift in the moment with the bees, there is handcrafted Honey beer from the chaps at Panther, along with a Panther pint glass.

This gift is completed with Gnaw  Chocolate and The Pigeon Hut’s sweet treat.

A great Fathers Day Gift

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Panther  Beer and Glass Gift Basket

Hamper Gift Include:

Panther beer is made in North Norfolk, Panther is a slow pour beer.

500ml Panther  Honey Beer, Golden Ale: ALC. 4.0% VOL, Delicately balanced with a touch of sweetness, it is a distinctive honey infused golden ale with a wild flower character.

Mr Filbert Dry Roasted Nuts

Panther Pint Glass

100gm Gnaw Handcrafted  Bee Happy Chocolate Bar

50gm Wine Gums

Pk Wild Flower Seed



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