Welcome to The Pigeon Hut

Our brand brings together traditional quality and values with modern life styles.

A New Beginning

The Pigeon Hut is the creation of a husband and wife team, Chris and Frances Allen.

Home is rural Norfolk, on the edge of the fens. Chris was a self-employed Painter & Decorator. Our journey began when worked stopped due to Chris’s multiple arthritis conditions.

Whilst sitting at the kitchen table making a gift basket for a sick neighbour, it became clear this long-held hobby would become a new business venture.


A Hobby Becomes A Brand

Another family hobby was chosen to represent the new business, giving it our unique branding.

Our pigeons and the message carrying tradition of these incredible birds inspired The Pigeon Hut.

The aim of the Pigeon Hut is to promote small business, and local Handmade products from this county and beyond.

These products and produce are sprinkled across the gift ranges.  These are presented with other gifts to provide unique gifting using a range of quality packaging including wicker trays, baskets, pots, wooden boxes  and  letterbox gifts. 

Charities Close To Our Hearts

A donation from everything that is sold will be gifted to Versus Arthritis and The Psoriasis Association, because without them and their work, this would not be possible.

Our Brand Heritage

Pigeons and message carrying go back as far as Noah , but it was 3000 years ago that written records had pigeons as established carriers. They were used by the Romans for message carrying, and Genghis Khan had a pigeon message service across Asia.

During both World Wars they were used by all forces for message carrying. In the UK, 32 pigeons were awarded the Dicken medal for their bravery in World War Two. They carried messages that saved lives. With this heritage to inspire us, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our service and make our gift baskets the best they can be, which puts The Pigeon Hut at the forefront of gift solutions.

So when you purchase our gift baskets you build on that great legacy by allowing pigeon gifts to carry your messages and thoughts to someone special.

Meet the Family

All the great people that make great gift solutions.